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San Giuseppe (Prosecco)

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San Giuseppe Prosecco is one of the best and most popular sparkling wines in Italy. A fine sparkling Prosecco, new from DOCG quality.

Grown on the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, Prosecco grapes are encouraged to soak up the rays during the sun-drenched summer season in Italy’s Veneto region. The fruit is late ripening which gives it a unique, delightfully dry aftertaste, making it the perfect grape for a sparkling wine.

Using customary sparkling winemaking methods that retain the tiny bubbles in the wine, San Giuseppe’s Prosecco goes through a natural fermentation process at a controlled temperature. This ensures a sparkling wine that is clean, balanced and tasty.

Bright in colour with a fresh, floral bouquet - bubbly and bursting with personality. It is a refreshing rush of flavour that makes any occasion a special one - and more affordable than champagne. Great as an aperitif but goes very well with appetizers, seafood, shell fish and white meat.

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