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Pol Roger

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Brut Réserve is made up of wines drawn from the cuvée (the first, light pressing) and where appropriate the taille (second pressing) which provides a high proportion of essential tannins. After clarification of the must at 8°C, a process unique to Pol Roger, the fermentation is thermoregulated to ensure the optimum retention of fresh fruit character and aromas. This takes place in neutral vessels rather than wood to best convey the flavour of the grapes. The wine is riddled by hand by a team of remueurs, a rarity in Champagne, then undergoes dégorgement à froid, a new technique for disgorging and finally a dosage of 12 g/l is added. The wine is then rested on both sides of the Channel to ensure proper bottle age. Brut Réserve is never sold until the youngest component is a minimum of 3 years old. This additional maturity (the CIVC permits the release of wines after as little as 15 months) contributes much to the reputation Brut Réserve ("White Foil") enjoys. Generally, Brut Réserve contains the wines of at least two vintages, often three or four.

An appealing and complex nose of delicate white flowers and brioche. A fresh and lively palate showing good balance, creamy texture and great depth.

Perfect partner with red meat dishes. Try with peppered beef fillet with fresh asparagus and horseradish cream.

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