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Dry ageing is a method that was used generations ago to ensure meat was tender and juicy

We like to do things traditionally, and we like to ensure that our meat is the very best, which is why dry-ageing is a vital part of what we do. Supermarkets, on the other hand, have to keep their margins as high as possible. This means they avoid the cost of storing meat and investing in the labour needed to enable the meat to dry-age naturally. As a result, you end up with meat that is tough and flavourless.

We have a more holistic view. Dry-ageing results in meat that is tastier, more succulent, and melts in your mouth. We have our own, on-site maturation fridge, which lets carcasses hang freely in a controlled environment. Optimum conditions for dry-ageing include substantial fat marbling in the meat, a constant temperature, and the correct humidity. There are many factors involved, but we think it more than justifies the effort, and that’s why we have won numerous awards for our produce.

Of course, the most crucial ingredient is an experienced butcher because the dry-ageing process certainly isn’t easy.

But, by ‘eck, it’s worth it.