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About Brindon

Who is Brindon?

Brindon has a long history in the meat industry; it’s been part of his life ever since he took a Saturday job at his local butcher’s shop when he was 11-years-old. From day one, he knew this was the job he wanted to do.

He went onto study Meat Technology at Thomas Danby, and then worked as a trainee manager at a local bacon factory. It was a role he disliked, but it gave him some valuable experience.

It wasn’t long until he returned to his real passion, and he pursued a job with a small, family-owned butcher. He remained there until he was 24-years-old, at which point, he decided to hand in his notice and take the plunge at going it alone with his own business.

This was when the real journey began…

Brindon opened Addy’s Butchers with his school friend, David Cannon, in March 1993. Their plan was simple: to buy the very best local meat, and to butcher it and mature it above and beyond standards elsewhere.

Not only does he continue to run this very successful business, but he is also the elected regional chairman of the Q Guild - an organisation that promotes the highest standards of food preparation, hygiene, and livestock.

Brindon’s business today…

J. Brindon Addy is proud of its continuing commitment to source from only the very best, caring, and honest farmers and suppliers in the local area. The shop is surrounded by breathtaking views over the Holme Valley, and offers plentiful parking for its customers. Come and pay a visit!